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The Cavalry Troop
The Regimental Outpost

Crossed Sabres

Cavalrymen and equipment of all eras...

US Cavalrymen by Marutius? two figures below...Civil War mounted figures in 54mm scale...these might need to be on the oddball page, I have yet to see anymore of them ever.


Marutius C Troop Guidon Bearer

starlux (france) US Cavalry

Starlux (France)60mm Cavalrymen...doing what Cav guys actually did, (in spite of what Hollywood says) fighting dismounted. Ask Buford, Custer and Forrest...these guys are painted in Indian War trim...note the canvas reinforced pants...not bad figures...the revolver could use some help.

starlux (france) US Cavalry

Timpo Reb Cavalry

A Timpo (UK)Confederate Cavalryman Swoppet...this guy could be a put together figure, but he still looks good. His horse could use a bridle too. Details, details...