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tools of the trade

Information and collectors' sites

My other site:The Regimental Outpost

Collecting Plastic Toy Soldiers (a way cool UK site)

Toy Soldier excellent intell source from the UK...a ton, a metric ton.

Toy Soldier Online Gallery: a very interesting site from down under...

In the history-laden country of Belgium...another collector's site...

Ground Pounder's Hooch...a site with a bit of everything, cool.

Toy Soldiers @ The Britains Swoppets, Timpo Swoppets?...dig this.

Airfix site...maintained from Belgium, my friend Guy took me on an excellent tour of the Waterloo battlefield and Ypres...

Here is a UK site by Brian Carrick of Plastic Warrior yourself or you'll be inspired to do conversions...excellent.

Joe's Soldiers....Holy Cow! Dioramas & Music! Great site!

The Hobby Bunker Forum

Recruiting Center: looking for more?

Here are some links on places to obtain some troops for yourself. This list will grow as time moves on...I will only post links for dealers I have had successful dealings with, there are wife says TOO many...

Stad's Toys

The Toy Soldier Company

Toy Soldiers Etc...

Toy Soldiers of San folks with some cool stuff...

Michigan Toy Soldier Company

The Hobby Bunker

Ebay is also a good location for troop acquisition...I have been trying to move some of my extra stuff out through Ebay.
Go to on the seller search.