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The British Invasion
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Our friends since the end of the Revolution, the Brits have supplied us with some cool figures...

Lone*Star Aussie
G'day Otto meet m'bayonet!
I have recently started tracking Lone*Star troops.

Welcome brother, confess or make a donation!
The Good Friar
English Civil War Lobster Helmet Trooper
Another broken lance, rats.
This guy is by Cherilea, one of few ECW guys I have.
Bad Day for a Cavalry Scout
Is there someone else I can talk to?
A Jean Hofler figure, not from the UK, but that is where I got it.
Cherilea Wounded German
ach! who turned out the lights?

Lone*Star Cowboy
Too slow, kid!
A gunfighter on a bad day.

Timpo Cossack
Ivan's new sabre
my only one, I wish I could get more...

Timpo Highland Infantry Make a Stand


Highlander Ensign in the Defense


Stay tuned as I tune up these pages...

This may be more conducive to more pictures...

rats, end of page...