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Welcome to the Regimental Toybox! This site is dedicated to the hobby of toy soldier collecting. I am your host, the Regimental Toy Sergeant.

grumpy old cav sergeant

My collection is a conglomeration of plastics, metals, action figures and vehicles. It spans history, from the stone age to space age. The main thrust of the collection is plastic soldiers manufactured from the 1960's to the present. I do conversions and painting on recasts and common originals. I set up temporary dioramas and also wargame a little. As of the teen years the boys have not been too interested in plastic warfare. 
The collection also includes 1/6th scale figures: GI Joe, Action Man, Dragon, Ultimate Soldier and SOTW.

At the Regimental Toybox, we are fluent in Toy Soldierese. Airfix, Timpo, Britains, Marx, Ideal, Cherilea, Timmee, Peco, MPC, Starlux, Remco, Atlantic, Conte, BMC...we know a little about all toy soldiers and a lot about some. Check my pages for different stuff:links, conversions, dioramas, oddballs, photos...oh yeah, at the bottom of the gallery page is a link to the Regimental Outpost, my other site...more toy soldier stuff, different webspace.

Please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of this site.

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Olaf, an Elastolin warrior with an attitude, sports a custom paint job and battle scars.

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