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COPS: bad boys in plastic
The Regimental Outpost

my hobby and career collide with disturbing results...

cops bad boys in plastic

The figures below are believed to be from the Processed Plastic Company (Timmee).It is possible they were made by Tootsietoy, but the detail on them is very similar to the PPC Vietnam soldiers. So, until I know for sure the above is true. Produced in brown and blue, the rarest one in my estimation is the gas grenadier. I have collected the others in some quantity in both colors. I have yet to see a brown gas grenadier. The PPC 54mm SWAT guys are equipped in the mid 70's tactical kit (note the ball caps and AR15's), very similiar to the TV show SWAT, though no indication of a licensing tie-in. At the bottom is an Ideal gangster. He could be used as a detective, as they like to show up on the scene with exotic weapons and pose about...

strombecker swat van 54mm scale

PPC swat gas grenadier 54mm

PPC swat commander 54mm

ppc swat negotiator 54mm

ppc swat sniper 54mm

ideal gangster in 54mm

A couple of years ago, PPC/Timmee ran these 45mm cop figures...while they aren't the best figures in the world, they are something different. These guys were offered with a BIG helicopter, kind of an Apache with pilot figure. The chopper was scaled for 3.75 inch figures. Oh they are.

timmee swat 45mm shotgunner

timmee female patrol officer 45mm

timmee 45mm swat rifle

timmee riot control officer 45mm

timmee 45mm swat pistol

timmee patrol officer kneeling 45mm

Matchbox did some larger scale vehicles that came with figures. The scale is around 40mm or so. I think the kneeling guy is supposed to be next to the squad car. If you look close you will see that I had to graft a hand off of a scaled-down copy of a 54mm Matchbox WW2 soldier as mine was missing. On the bottom, a scaled-down copy of an Airfix Desert Rat officer with his canteen shaved and his pants legs filled in. After posting him, I see he needs to be worked on some...I will see what I can do.

matchbox motor scout

matchbox squad car guy

matchbox squad car guy 2

cop airfix conversion

The Timmee company was prolific in making toy figures. The 60mm range of police figures are some of my favorite. Outfitted in the equipment of tactical cops of the late 60's-early 70's(when SWAT teams were beginning to form), these figures are true art. Even the firing stance is right out of the old cop manuals and TV shows.

timmee swat leader 60mm

swat timmee60mm:bullhorn

timmee swat 60mm advancing with revolver

timmee swat gas grenadier 60mm

timmee swat sniper 60mm

timmee swat with revolver 60mm

While we are talking about 60mm police figures...let's look at some of the older ones...Auburn Rubber and Gay Toys produced police figures that really compliment each other. The Auburn cops were produced in a light blue and white(ugh!). I have only seen the Gay Toys figures in blue. I got an odd email after bidding on a Gay Toys cop figure on Ebay once. I didn't respond.

auburn beat cop

auburn fat cop

auburn traffic cop

gay toys traffic cop

And finally, a Marx 54mm figure from the Cape Canaveral set, he may be a pilot, but unarmed and standing by watching...could be the chief of this little plastic here he is.

marx chief

Dedicated to Law Enforcement safe out there.