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The Regimental Outpost


This is an outpost on the frontier. The troops stationed here live a tough, spartan life.


Airfix Screamin' Eagle Para, the 101st Airborne,
Eagle24's favorite division

ESCI Para from the NATO set.
"Get that bloody tank up here!"

Marksman Models' US Cavalyman 1860s


a pirate and his buddy

Jess and Hooky...nobody is sure who is which.
This is one of Monkey06's favorite...I wonder why.
A Fontinini Pirate

A blacked out OH6 (Hughes 500 Defender) with a payload of two tactical officers. The pilot signals "2" indicating two minutes before insertion.

two minutes, boys!


Fritz says, "Bring it on Mike Campbell, you tea sipping, bagpipe blowing sissy! Deutchland Uber Alles!" A 21st Century Panzer Grenadier defends the fatherland.

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