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Monkey 06's Command Post
The Regimental Outpost

some of the boys...


The above figure appeared with a crew of similiar clad troops a few years ago in the wake of the Rambo movies. This is Monkey 06's first attempt at painting. I helped with techniques & tattoos, but the rest was all him.

Max's Arm Art

Cat & Crossed Fishbones

illumination or altercation...Sky Ape Four can deliver.

sky ape4, airborne muscle...

Monkey Force...the force of the past, present and future...

schwimmenwagen & US tanker driver

A SOTW Viet Nam tanker pilots a 21st Century Schwimmenwagen...timelines mean very little in Monkey06's world.

sf saw gunner

A 21st Century SAW gunner picked up an SF beret and tried it on for size...he figured he needed to try one on before the black ones were issued. Don't look too close at the ammo belt...

ridin' the Monkey Express

Monkey 06's newest motorpool addition...21st Century's M5 Stuart Tank and commander...on a recon run somewhere in France, Late Summer of '44.

lookin' for trouble

A SOTW Viet Nam Recon guy on OP with some 21st Century binos...they have much better optics than the SOTW binos...


"Quit yellin' in my ear,boy! If that Panther was alive, we'd be Swiss cheese by now!"

1st Cav Division