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The Regimental Outpost

KO'ed Tiger

go, LT, go!

An infantry platoon cautiously moves past a recently knocked out King Tiger.

Sarge gives cover fire with his greasegun...

As the Platoon Leader sprints to cover, the Platoon Sergeant lays down cover fire from the rear of the Tiger.

Hitch draws a bead...

Using the burnt out barn for protection, PVT Hitchcock sights in on a German in the next field.

make sure it's dead...

Swanson checks to make sure the Tiger is out of action. Souvenirs aren't too far from his mind, either.

Vikings on the Shore!!

Vikings on the shore!!

Out of the morning fog, a Viking raiding party catches the castle gates open and a handful of the defenders training outside of the walls.

princess watches in fear...

The princess is drawn from her breakfast by a shout from below. Horrified at the scene before her, she is frozen.

Captain of the Guard

The Captain of the Guard shouts orders to the castle as his yeomen streak to secure the open portal.

defense of hearth and home

Outnumbered,the castle guards throw themselves against the raiding party.


The lord's minstrel is caught in the trees unarmed.

A Legal Disclaimer. The dioramas depicted here may contain some historical inaccuracies. The author is not attempting to obtain 100% authenticity but is attempting to amuse, entertain and display. Your voluntary temporary suspension of reality is required to make this happen. You may return at any time to reality by tapping your heels together and repeating, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home"....